Tips from mums for mums!



Summer is Coming! (fingers crossed!)

A great tip from one of our mums. 

When buying summer sandals for your little one, put them on when you are around the house with some socks.  A fashion statement! but also a great way to wear them in without horrible blisters on their soft little feet.


Travelling with Children

Take along children's favourite bear/toy for security

Favourite snacks, sometimes its hard when travelling to find snacks children enjoy. 

Dishwashing liquid to wash their drink bottles/baby bottles etc. 

Plastic or disposable plates/bowls and some cutlery and plastic zip lock bags for snack storage.  

We often take cereal for quick breakfasts stored in disposable plastic food containers. 

Favourite spread - peanut butter, vegemite, jam... for sandwich snacks at any time of the day or night!  Purchase some bread and butter on arrival.


Hospital Bag

Tips for packing the all important hospital bag. Thanks to some Mummyology Mums who have shared their suggestions.

  • Hot and cold packs for pain relief,
  • Massage Oil,
  • App to keep track of feeding, sleeping and changing baby,
  • Your favourite soap/shower gel,
  • Hairdryer,
  • Flip flops/thongs,
  • Undies & Maternity Bras,
  • PJs,
  • Books / Puzzle Books,
  • Ipad / tablet to keep you busy,
  • Eye Mask,
  • Your favourite oil, to spritz on your pillow,
  • Your own pillow,
  • Your favourite snacks,
  • Bottles of water,
  • Music on your phone or other device,
  • Comfortable clothes for mum to go home in
  • A sense of humour!